Embeddable E-Chat chat box
E-Chat chat-box is an embeddable chat window for your website. It is directly linked with the main system, located at the address: www.e-chat.co
Please note that if you would like to embed your own chatroom, you have to create one first. For more information go to: www.e-chat.co/room-create
Generate your e-chat chatbox code
General Configuration:
Chatroom number:
Chat box width(pixels):
Chat box height(pixels):
Chat box border color(hex):
Header height(pixels):
Header background color(hex):
Header text color(hex):
Detailed Configuration:
Chat box type:
Users list position:
Users list width(%):
Chatbox Preview:
<Iframe> Code snippet:
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to pay for it?
No, e-chat is completely free.
Does it require any external plugins?
No, e-chat does not require any plugins to run.
Will it slow down my website?
No, the chatbox is loaded as an IFRAME tag, taking bandwidth from our servers.
Can I make a functionality request?
Yes, you can send us an email with detailed description of the feature and we will see what we can do. Our email address: echat.chat.online@gmail.com